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Due to the "Membranical Technology", the keys of the QPAD MK40 offer a very soft and especially 30% faster keystroke than conventional keyboards. This feature ensures maximum responsiveness while gaming and minimizes fatigue.

The QPAD MK40 has an extremely high durability. The specially developed "Membranical Technology" of the QPAD MK40 is perfectly designed for long and extensive gaming use.

With the integrated "anti-ghosting" function, various keys can be pressed simultaneously without information being lost or confused (e.g. Shift, CTRL, ALT and Windows key as well as an additional 6 keys.

In addition, the QPAD MK40 has RGB lighting. This illumination provides a certain style while gaming and you never lose track even in the darkest environment.


Technical details

  • The special "Membranical Technology" combines the strengths of mechanical technology and membrane technology.
  • Enables 30% faster and shorter keystroke than conventional keyboards and provides extremely fast response time. Increased comfort reduces fatigue.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Anti-ghosting with 19 key rollover technology allows max. 19 keys to be pressed simultaneously.
  • Integrated palm rest for long comfortable and ergonomic gaming sessions.
  • Class lighting in 3 colors (red, green, yellow) for incredible effects.
  • 4 lighting modes available (breathing, cycle, static, off).
  • Brightness is adjustable in 4 steps with FN + ↑ or ↓.

QPAD Pro Gaming Gear.